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From The Principal’s Desk

If you are new to the Mave School family, you just entered into a very special school. Mave School in Senapati Manipur is a close-knit educational community that promotes the academic and social development of all students in a safe, friendly environment. Our 3 B rules are: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.

I am honored and humbled to be the principal of this school, as this year will be my first type of services to serve the community in this capacity.

Our dedicated staff at Mave School serves approximately 240 students . In addition to the core curriculum, the school offers Reading Classes (the importance of reading), language support, computer basics and sports. Mave School students experience daily instruction in one of these specialty areas: art, music, physical education, library, and technology.

Parents/Guardians are always welcome at Mave School in Senapati Manipur. We view our parents/guardians as equal partners in providing our children with meaningful educational experiences. Further, we encourage you to become active participants in school programs and classroom activities. We can support our children by volunteering to help in their classroom or attending one of our many school programs. Just as important as volunteering is a nightly routine of reading to your child, talking about their day, and getting them prepared for the next day of school.

I am thrilled to be part of such an outstanding team!   We invite you to join our community as we work together to best serve our students!  Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have a suggestion, concern, or just a “good story” to share! 


Ashuli Kashipri


Mave School was shaped with the vision to create an educationally vibrant and aesthetically sophisticated preschool for young children. Set amidst a peaceful neighbourhood of Matanmai Taphou in Senapati, Manipur, it is well known for it’s eloquent teachers and facilities.

Estd. in 2015 with barely 48 students it is now a school which pulsates with more than 240 students. The school’s collaboration with CBSE and BSEM as curriculum partners truly sets the school apart. The learning milestones are set higher than most other preschools.

The school is lead by Mr. Ashuli Kashipri, a leading pedagogue who has interacted with various schools across Manipur. After a brief career as Chief Engineer at Hundung, Cement Factory, he set up Mave School as a pilot project towards a much larger vision.

We look forward to meeting you at Mave School and merging your world with ours

Our Mission



  • Intellectual Development:
    We will encourage the use of language , to help the children learn by stimulating their curiosity. Literacy and numeracy skills will be strongly focused on. With these tools, we will lay the foundation for conceptual learning in the children.
  • Social and Emotional Development:
    We will assist children in forming stable relationships. They will be encouraged to acquire a sense of responsibility, self- confidence , independence, self- control and consideration for others.
  • The Aesthetic Development of the child:
    The children will be encouraged to be creative and expressive. We will provide them an opportunity to learn by experimenting with a variety of material, arts and music which will awaken in the child a growing awareness and appreciation of beauty.
  • The Physical Development of the child:
    We will help the child use his/her body effectively by providing space to play and personal hygiene.
  • Effective transition from Home to School:
    The children will be taught to appreciate the different environments at home and at school. They will learn to respect their Teachers and their Elders.
  • Inculcation of moral values:
    The children will be encouraged to be spiritually aware, to develop a team spirit and to place others before self.
  • Spirit of opportunity:
    Each student will be helped to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that will prepare them for their chosen path in their careers and in their lives.
Mave School Teaching Staff

Our Inspirational Staff